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thinking of getting cuttles still

Feb 24, 2005
well i think hex is growing old, his eyes are starting to haze a little but hes still going strong(which kindof leads me to believe hes got a few more months left in him)... just enough time to start looking for the next ceph. so im trying to decide if i want another octo or to try the cuttle relm... they would be going into my 125g that is already octo ready so they will have plenty of room. what will make my decision is availibility though. i could do some bandenisis but that would take a little more work than S.O. (which would be slightly larger on arrival allowing the food chain to start at fiddlers instead of pods) but im willing to go with either... so if anyone could give me some direction to look for some sort of cuttle species it would help.
I would go with bandedsis mainly because they will be easier to get. Sepia officinalis are harder to come by, I know one guy that exports eggs but you have to go through the permits and it's not worth it for a few eggs. So unless you can find a pet store that can get them bandesis seems the way to go.
I don't know of any cuttles around right now. I am working on getting some eggs and was thinking of raising them up for a month or two before distributing them - too many people wrote back to me about not being able to feed them after they got the eggs or little ones. Of course, I have to get them first.

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