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Test wrong?


Jan 1, 2004
Hmmm..strange..My test kit supposibly says tat there is zero nitratesin my water. Is this possible with it being cycled for a month and a half?
Unlikely that it is already cycled...sorry...it may actually be going slower...you also might want to take some water to a good lfs and see if they get the same result, it is possible for test kits to go bad.

As I recall, you're rather far from any LFS. You could check this by buying another test kit, maybe another brand. This is an important result, so it's worth the extra effort. (I now keep ways of double checking all my parameters, including different test kits).

Ok thanks. There is a fish store with 4 saltwater tanks and i will take some of it there. I can also buy shrimp from them i think :hmm:

1 more question. Is there any kind of device that can monitor my tank parameters?
Yes, there are such monitors. I have a pH monitor that gives a continuous readout and I like that very much. It costs about $85 and you have to calibrate it with fluid every month. There is also a salinity monitor available. There are montitors for the other parameters but I believe those are much more expensive.

Glad you do have a store not too far away.


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