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PH problem


Feb 1, 2024
Hello All! Hope everyone is doing well! I'm starting to have some PH problems with my tank (as best I can tell from my test kit it's around 8.0) and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for how to up the PH levels? Thanks!
Do you know what your Alkalinity level is? Regardless, the "Solutions to Low pH Problems" section of the article below (and the sections after it) may help:
Basically, for most tanks, the lower the CO2 levels and the higher the levels of photosynthesis, the higher the pH.
I unfortunately don't know what the Alkalinity is 😕. My current main test kit doesn't include an Alkalinity test. I do have paper tests for it, but I don't feel it's very accurate. Thank you for the link! I'm currently in the process of trying a few of the suggestions so hopefully one of them works 😊.

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