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tank variation


Aug 7, 2004
im lokking into a bimac and i was wundering if octopuses need alot of vertical spaces. Cause i was looking at a tank that was more width an depth than a whole lot of vertical.

Thought and concerns please

No, an octopus would prefer more width and depth rather than height, for the same number of gallons - many of the tanks sold today are quite tall. Can you give the dimensions of the tank you're interested in?

unfortunetly not ill try to go buy merory ahh a 1ft high 1.5ft deep and 2ft long(now this is just a guess) i will confirm it in a little. I think it is bigger all around but well see. But there was quit a bitt of depth. not much vertical
For a bimac, you are going to need a tank of about 45-55 gallons (12x48x16 or so)...what you are describing sounds like a fifteen or twenty gallon tank, really kind of small to maintain water quality...
not much in the way of height...a 40 "breeder" (20x36x18) would be perfect!!!