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tank tops??


Feb 14, 2004
i have a 29 gal but everything in my tank is hang on so the entire back is open and i was wondering how do all of you cover up all the openings including the filters so that the octopus doesn't get out? ive tried duct tape but it just gets moist and then falls off
That's exactly why most of us don't use hang-on-back equipment!

With my through-glass overflow and return system, I don't have a single thing that goes between the tank and the lid.

If you're stuck with the hang ons, you might try a piece of acrylic and duct tape, but plan to replace the duct tape frequently. Please remember to leave some holes in the acrylic sheet for ventilation (too small for your octo to use for an escape).

about the only thing you can do is turn everything off for an hour or so, dry off the tubes as much as possible, and then use a good quality duct tape, like 3M or Scotch. As Nancy stated, you are going to have to change it fairly often...

just make the opening small as it can be with acrylic and put the rough side of velcro down on it. This is what i am doing and have no tape one it. I have bricks however to hold the top down.
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