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Tank Temp too high, And I can't get it down!!

Oct 9, 2006
Okay, I have two tanks in my room, one 55 gal freshwater and one 30 gal saltwater. And there must be somekind of atmospheric phenomana going on, as my room is the coldes in the house, but the water temps in both tanks is too high, and nothing at all is working!! I normally like to keep both tanks at 75 degrees, but the freshwater is at 80 degrees and the saltwater is at 79 degrees. I've turned off both lights, both heaters, I've even dumped ice into the freshwater, but the temp hasn't lowered not even one degree!!!:banghead::bugout: !!!! I don't know what to do, as the high temp in the freshwater has already killed one of my fish, and I don't want to lose any more!!!!:bugout:
wow, that's really bizarre!
Are your tanks near any floor heaters or anything? If you've got no elements conducting heat IN the tank, it must be somewhere in your room....
Well, for the salt water tank, you can put ice in a plastic bag (so it doesn't melt into your tank) or else a "blue ice" pack inside a plastic bag (so the chemicals don't leach into the tank). Get a fan, dehumidifier or some airflow in the room... What is the room temperature? Good luck.
The pump that circulates your water and a protein skimmer pump will raise the temperature of the water. There must be a reason for this - could your thermometers be inaccurate for room temperature?

You can put a fan on the sump for your saltwater tank (if you have a sump).

Also, you can float plastic bottles full of cold water as a way to lower the temperature.

Alrighty, I did some of the cold water bottles in the freshwater and the temp is going down. But the saltwater is still high!!! It's getting really frustrating.

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