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Tank getting ready


Blue Ring
Jul 21, 2003
I feel my tank is getting ready for the octo now:biggrin2:

The new LR should provide enough hiding places, these guys forced me to live on pasta and pizza for 6 weeks now lol

It makes quite a difference though:

and now:

Time to close all the openings now :madsci:
Is that finger leather that you have in your tank? It looks really nice :smile: . Also, how many watts of lights do you have in your tank? and what kinds?
The lights are still 2 18w tubes, one Solar Marin Day and one (15000K) and one Solar Marin blue fluorescent tube. I plan to replace the day lamp with a darker tube as soon as i get the octo.

The whole back of the tank is covered in shadows so i think that will be dark enough.

How strong are octos? Most pieces of Live rock are 2lbs-6 lbs...Should i put all pieces on the ground so that they don´t fall on him?

Mike, these are the finger leathers that came with the tank, i´m still not sure what to do with them. They aren´t doing too well due to the bulldozer urchin who keeps pushing them on the ground :evil:
I guess i try to trade them to more live rock sooner or later.

Regarding lights...I saw a nice DIY post on reefcentral where one guy built an awesome moonlight setup with LED´s. Do you think these will disturb the octo?

About octo strength - they are VERY strong. You don't notice it when they are tiny, but as they grow they began improving their environment by moving rocks. I had always thought they picked them up and rearranged them, but my bimac Ollie just gives them a big shove. This has caused some toppling!

Make sure that your big rocks are firmly grounded and put lighter rocks on the second level, testing to make sure eveything is sturdy. It's good to build both small and larger caves to accomodate a growing octopus. And, be prepared to help rearrange the rocks as your octo grows.


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