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suggestions for a top cover?


Blue Ring
Mar 5, 2004
I am planning on getting a Bio after tank has cycled for 4 months ( at least ). Now it is an acrylic tank and these are the two openings ( I am assuming I would need to cover both - so no escape ). Any ideas on how to do this ( with out completely sealing the tank off)?
Thanks for any ideas,
see image for tanks top view
super easy to do...go to a local glass/hardware store...have pieces of plate (1/4") glass cut to fit 1/2" larger than your openings. Done deal.
What about filtration? are you going to drill the tank and put in a sump?
tank is drilled ( all ready have an ideas for overflow cover ) and will be running a refuguim .
I think I will do something like you suggested except in acrylic in one solid long piece from front to back .
Thanks for the idea,
Hmmm...you might want to go with glass. Acrylic has a tendency to bow and bend severely after a month or two of exposure to salt water...leaving lots of room for an inquisitive octo to go for a jaunt...
I can second that about the acrylic - am using an acrylic sheet as a cover for my 19-gallon invetebrate tank, and it has bowed a lot - no problem for that tank, but not a good way to keep an octo from escaping.


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