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Strangled by macroalgae?


Aug 19, 2018
New member, long time lurker..

Background: I hatched a dwarf cuttlefish egg 3 weeks ago. It was doing fine, actively eating mysid shrimp and amphipods, kept in a hang-on breeder tank connected onto my 18+month old saltwater tank. I had a small ball of macro algae in there with the cuttlefish for the amphipods. Just an hour ago I was taking new photos and video of my baby.... Then I turned the lights out and saw it's head part separated from the body, the macro algae wrapped around tightly.....

I NEVER thought of or heard of this happening. Is this a thing I was uninformed of? I had more mysid shrimp arriving next week but this was my only cuttlefish baby.... All I have is a 40 gallon tank with zoanthids and a bubbletip. I guess they can eat them.....

I just wanted to know if this is a thing I need to know about before trying to order more eggs to attempt again. I definitely will remove the algae.
Very strange observation. Are you sure the cuttlefish was actually alive when you were taking pictures and not just moving because of the water flow?

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