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Aug 6, 2003
Went down to my tank today, found the sump half full. Then I realize the carpet is a bit damp, and that everything in about a 5 foot radius is soaked, save for the things I had in a cardboard box. My tank had overflowed during the night, only about 15 to 20 gallons. Filled it back up again. Butters and Pip(my damsel and starfish) lived through it, then while I was dinking around in the sump the return flow pump's tube that leads back to the tank got disconnected, then a bunch of the water in my tank got sucked from the return tube in my tank down to the sump, then the sump overflowed. Fixed that, then I knocked the skimmer tubes aside, the pump made the sump water all bubbly, so I had to unplug the skimmer, re-do everything with it, and now it's all working fine.

Paul couldn't find a company with an octo, so I'll probably order one from Octopets tonight or tomorrow. Anyone know how much shipping usually costs?

It happened again last night, and my occy was ordered yesterday at 8pm. How long does it take them to ship? If it's the day after you order it, I'm screwed cause I need to get some salt (salinity is down to 1.019) and I have no ride, I'll probably call one of me other friends with a tank and see if he has any extra salt; and if he can help find the problem with my tank.
Nick, you could probably intercept the shipment - most places don't ship out until late afternoon. It would be better to hold off until you get the problem fixed and more saltwater made.

Everyone with an octopus should keep enough saltwater, mixed up and ready, for at least a 20% water change. Your saltwater has to cure - you can't just add the salt and use it right away.

I was lucky, Jim was out of clams and needed more so he should get some on Friday, and will ship Walter and the clams then too and should come Saturday. :party:

Had to empty and move my tank to the non-carpeted part of my basement last night/this morning (carpet was still wet so we had cleaners come to cut up the carpet. Everything is all set up and running again and I cleared the 20 out of rock and moved it to the 55 gallon. My water is near perfect now, pH is 8.1, ammonia is 0, nitrite is 0, there's a trace of nitrate, but nothing lethal, so I'm finally ready. :biggrin2:
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