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small octopus?

You can't put an octopus in with all corals, only with ones who a) don't sting and b) tolerate low light levels and remember every living thing you add to the tank increases the bioload! so be careful how much you add!

Would getting a bunch of shrimp and keeping them first work too? So I know there's coral and that's a living being, but what exactly is living rock and what does that do?
Live rock is basically fossilized coral with lots of living organisms inside and out. It contains bacteria that is extremely beneficial to your filtration. Quality live rock is very porous and lightweight, and will bring lots of surprises with it. Some good, some bad. Copepods, amphipods, isopods, macro and micro algaes, sometimes corals, sometimes crabs, shrimp, and on occasion octopuses.
So also is there any kind of, crab, clam, shrimp or other animal I could buy and put in my tank that the octo won't eat, preferrably one that helps clean and stuff?
You could have a pencil urchin, a starfish, brittle star. I have a pistol shrimp that came on my live rock and some how it's avoided being eaten but thats not a recommendation its just luck.

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