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Self caught octos!

Sep 25, 2004
Hi! Scince I live in hawaii I catch alot of octos. There is a small cove a few blockes from my home where I like to go and play with the cocetrpus. I have tried to keep two octos that I caught from the cove and a sandbar in a nearby bay. But both sadly died within the first day of captivity :angelpus: . Why? Is it harder to keep you catch yourself? Anybody have some advice on the matter if so I am interested to know what u have to say. Thx. Oh yeh the name of the species is Hawaiian Day Octerpus (Octopus cyanea Gray)
People do keep this species, so maybe you should check how you're keeping them. Do you have adequate filtration? What are your water parameters? Has the tank where you're keeping them ever had copper treatment? This are some of things to look for.

how are you catching them? mabie somthing that you are using to catch them with is dissagreeing with them. sounds fishy tho...good luck- i am also interested in catching my own in SE alaska-
Hey octomush, I would say that a good place to start would be good filtration, a protien skimmer, and testing supplies. If you collect your own saltwater you still may need to "cycle" you aquarium, in other words seed your bacteria in the tank. You may also need to provide the same temp. in the tank as in cove where you catch your octos at. I hope this might help a little.

Donnie Darko
I live maui and I am on my first "day octopus". Had him for just over month now. I feed him live coweris and frozin shimp when I cant find any coweris. I do a 5 gal water change every week of 30 gal. I have weak filtation so weekly changes seem to work. lots of live rock and live sand. its nics when your LFS is the pacific ocean. FYI the day octopus (Octopus cyanea) is very friendly. Likes when I put shrimp on fishing line conected to a chop stick and fight him for the food.
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just wondering... do you use seawater or synthetic salt for your changes?