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Sam has Died


Feb 27, 2003
:cry: this morning I got up and checked on the tank and Sam was not there, I looked and looked and she was on the floor next to a chair, she had gotten out through a small airline opening that i thought there was no way she could get thru I was wrong :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
:( I'm sorry Deb. Here's my favorite pic of Sam:

Hi Deb,

So very sorry about Sam :( She was certainly a fine little octopus. I often enjoyed thinking that Ollie had a sibling not too far away.

Tonight I will make sure that Ollie is thoroughly ducktaped in - I'm shocked that Sam was able to get through such a small hole.

All the best,


So sorry to hear about Sam...... I must admit I've been a little lax with sealing the top, cause I keep having to fix the powerhead. I am going to go duct tape it to death before work.....

Well under much investigating, I have found that the duct tape in one area had lost its stickum due to removal for maint. and i guess the SW had something to add also. I really need to find a way to seal the tank but also have a way into it to do routine maint. any suggestion. I feel like such and idiot for not noticing. The whole house is devestated and we miss Sam so much. They all want me to get another Octo but I really want a better system of sealing the tank and ANY suggestions would be appreciated. I guess I underestimated the curiosity of these amazing creatures. :cry:
Hey Deb, I am really sorry! That has happened to me also, it is amazing what they can squeeze through...the only way I have found to totally counteract that (at least for me) was to go to a drilled system. That way, the entire top of the tank is covered completely. It is also way easier to maintain, but it is expensive.
Best wishes,
I've discovered the same problem with the duct tape. The only solution I've found so far is to keep a big roll of duct tape and scissors right by the tank, and frequently replace the duct tape.

Mostly I've used black to match the stand and cover, but using a bright color (I use neon yellow) in key places helps you see what condition the tape is in.

Again, sorry about Sam.

Hi Deb:

I'm really sorry to hear about Sam. :( It makes me wonder just how secure my tank is??? I too use duct tape to seal the tank, but I think that I will be a lot more careful in checking its condition from now on.

Nancy, keeping a roll of tape next to the tank is a geat idea. I am definitely going to adopt that practice.

Deb, I hope that you don't let this misfortune disuade you from getting another octo. I guess we all know that our little buddies won't live forever, but I think that the amazing pets that they make while we have them makes up for the pain when they pass. :?

Well im going to silicon the back of the tank shut and leave the front glass weighted down for access and yes I just ordered my new octo, moving forward :oops: :oops: :) :) :) :) :) here we go again :roll: :roll: :mrgreen:
Good for you!!!! Back on the horse so to speak!!!! Octopus's have this charm, that once you've had one, you always want another! Did you order from Fish Supply?

Yeah I would say I hooked. No I didnt order from fish supply :roll: i never even thought of that :bonk: anyway the guy i got Sam thru wasnt in today so i have to call him back tomorrow if cant get me one then ill go thru FS. ANd anyway hubby is going to let me have a 120gal so im going to go thru FS for everything in that tank :D
Hi Deb

it is a really good idea to have all your water parameters checked by test kits or by the LFS... just to make sure there wasnt a 'reason' for outer aquarium exploration...

perhaps an ammonia spike, pH change or even temp rise?

just to be safe :)

Collin I did just that on the same day. The water params were ok. I think that Sam just wanted a go at my 14" Oscar that was in the tank a few feet from her, well thats the way she was headed anyway. :cry: :cry:

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