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salinity for new tank


Blue Ring
Jan 7, 2006
Hello there! :mrgreen:

My tank is octo ready except the salinity. If I raise it over .024 my starfish lose part of their legs. Does it really have to be that high??

Thanks in advance! :snorkel:
Fishy1 :boat:
Sg of 1.024 would probably be OK - however, make sure you have a way to measure very accurately, such as a refractometer. Maybe it's higher than you think.

Yeah check your salinity with a reliable device - they are often faulty. Your starfish shouldnt be loosing legs at 1.026 salinity, that is normal seawater strength. (unless its an estuary starfish or something?)

I agree with Nancy, it sounds like you are getting a reading that is lower than it acutally is. So try to get your Lfs to test the water or use a refractometer, so you can be sure.

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