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Rupert (bimac) stopped eating


Oct 19, 2004
ive had it since september and he just doesnt seem interested in food n e more. if i feed him frozen silversides hell take it but i leave live clams for him like i always did and he doesnt even bother trying to get it or the live crab i have in the tank. do you think hes just being lazy? i even didnt feed him for about 4 days hoping he would come out looking for food like he used to but.... nothing. im starting to worry. n e ideas?
Keep offering him food, whatever he'll take. If he'll only eat silversides, feed him those. You've had him for a long time, so perhaps he's getting old and is near the end of his life.

He may also have eye problems that interfere with him catching live food. You could try offering thawed frozen shrimp - most octos like that.

My Octo seemed to go through stages every once in a while
he would be listless and not eat for 2 or 3 days then come bouncing back
Maybe hes just like in a funk.
Might try giving him some toys like Megas always liked crab with a force field (fiddler in a small bottle)
Yes, it's also possible he's just "off his feed" and you need to be creative and try something new (different food or new way of offering it) . Octopets used to offer its bimacs fresh cracked mussels (be sure to remove promptly if Rupert doesn't go for it).

Ollie ate fresh scallops until one day she didn't like them anymore. But the favorite food is always a crab.

yea ive had a green crab in there for a while and the first few times i put on in he jumped on it and now nothing.... and i literally havta cut the live clam open and give it to him and he still reluctantly takes it if he even does
And when he takes it, does it eat it?

I notice no one has brought up water parameters. If these are off, it could affect feeding.

the water parameters are a little off but theyr at what theyve always been the nitrates are a little high at like 50 but i cant get it down below that and hes never had a problem with it before.
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