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Reef Conversion to Octo Tank

Jul 23, 2004
Hello all...

I'm new to the site and love what I've read so far. I've been seriously considering converting my 100 gallon (60x18x20) acrylic, well established SPS reef tank into an octopus tank. I'm at the very beginning phases of this and have some questions, so please bear with me, and thanks for any help :biggrin2:.

My tank is currently setup as follows:
100 gallon tank, 60 gallon sump, 2x250 watt MH with 2 140 watt actinic VHO lights. I run an AmpMaster 3000 on a closed loop and have a mag 950 as my sump's return pump. I have roughly 125 pounds of live rock and no sand bed. I run a Precision Marine Bullet 1 skimmer and have a calcium reactor and kalk reactor.

I guess my main question is, how much of this equipment would I need? Ideally, I'd like to cut down on the lighting (perhaps going with normal output or VHO fluorescent lighting) and remove the closed loop system. I'm assuming I wouldn't need any of the calcium supplementation (calcium and kalk reactors). I was also considering the addition of a sandbed for denitrification, as well as biodiversity in the tank.

Would soft corals make appropriate tank mates with an octopus? What about my fish (midnight angel, green chromis, mandarin...)?

Thanks again for any help you all can provide.
Yeah, tis good here aint it.

Please post back with anything else you have - this is a great forum and there's always someone willing to help.

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