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Octopus and Coral Reef


Pygmy Octopus
May 9, 2022
I’m in the process of making a DIY acrylic aquarium. It will be a 50g tank with a 20g sump. Ultimately (hopefully), it will end up as a coral reef tank, over time. But, my primary reason for building it in the first place was to have an octopus tank.
What type(s) of common aquarium octopus do well coexisting with coral? I know that there is the Caribbean Reef Octopus, who’s name implies that they do, but are there others? Are there and special considerations when keeping octopus with coral?
If you guys have any thoughts or experiences with this I’d really appreciate your input.
I can respond to your question. I’ve kept octopuses, but now I have coral with a few fish.
You can keep a few corals with octopuses, but I don‘t much recommend it. You can’t keep any coral that stings. The other corals will always be in danger, Your octopus is very likely to rearrange its tank, and more than once. I had some beautiful Tonga branches (live rock) which I had paced in the back of the tank. Ollie was having none of it, and took them all down. I have heard of octopuses snapping off feather dusters and planting the stems by their den entrance. Your octopus will have no respect for your corals, so be very conservative in what corals you choose for the tank, choose ones that are not so sensitive and be prepared to lose them. For instance, I have seen many photos of octopus tanks with mushrooms corals, which enhance the look of the tank.