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Protein Skimmer comparison


Aug 3, 2007
OK, I have a protein skimmer comparison question. My tank being a 60 gal I have a choice of two different skimmers and I was hoping for some feedback on which one might be a better choice. The 2 are a Jebo Protein Skimmer 180 with Power Head or a Seaclone 150 with a Maxi-Jet®PH aquarium pump. I dont have any background knowledge on these so I hope I can get more info.. Thanks!!
There is a thread where Paradoz and Thales have discussed recirculating skimmers (post a help note if you don't find it) that may be of interest. We are planning a new tank for next year and are sold on the idea.
Ive not used either the skimmers you have mentioned, but have heard bad reviews on them

Im using a AquaEuro Recirculating 365 skimmer on a 150 gallon.

Some hard core reefers once did a review saying that the skimmer is great, but the pumps should push more air. Switching to aquabee pumps would make them very very efficient and compete with very expensive skimmers. I planned to do this, but Im actually very satisfied with its performance as is out of the box.

My 150 gallon tank is an upgrade from a 50 gallon. Its been up for about 2 months. I have almost no live stock except one clown fish in my sump (havent given him away yet), and some coral frags. Live sand and live rock was transfered from the old tank. Ive only done a feeding on the tank once for corals.

With such a small livestock, I wouldnt expect much skimmate. But...

Heres a picture of what I pulled out in the last week and a half.


That is a 3 gallon bucket. The cup of the skimmer has a drain which can be seen as the tube in this picture.

heres a Picture of the collection cup taken at the same time


Im pretty happy with it. If I ever want to make it into a super skimmer, all you have to do is get a aquabee pump to replace these and mesh mod them.

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