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Pods and the such


Jan 1, 2004
I was browsing my tank after a large water change again and wow there were a lot of amphipods (it was dark and i had small flashlight). They were everywhere! They ranged in size from a couple of millimeters to maybe a little over a centimeter! I also spotted to snails i never saw before and some worms i think mightr be bristle worms..must get them out. Only two of them though. I set up a mini-reef out of a cake box for looks, crabs, and to stop some evaporation over the sump. (my sump is external from the tank) I have two sumps now. The bulkyness of my origional sump was tremendous..and plus i have a little more surface area if my octo inks. Any good reccomendations on good protein skimmers would be appreciated as the one i have now doesnt quite measure up.

Just a update.

ant said:
(I saw) some worms i think mightr be bristle worms..must get them out.

Hi Ant,

Don't be too quick to remove those worms! Most of these guys are actually beneficial scavengers or herbivores. They may also provide a snack for your octopus.

If you'd like to confirm whether your worms are going to be good citizens, your best bet is to get some good pictures and post them to Dr. Ron Shimek's forum on the Marine Depot site: Search results for: '' - Bulk Reef Supply Aside from Ron, who has a PhD in marine biology, there are several other experts there including a worm specialist from (I believe) the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. You'll have to register (it's free) in order to post questions and pictures but you can check it out without registering.

Vermiciously yours,

Yeah ill do that as soon as i can find them :confused: They were rather small-maybe 3/4" or so. I only spotted two of them so far. I didnt realized how much stuff was in there untill i started looking at night. Anything on the skimmers?
Look at the top of the Tank Talk forum - What do you have... and you'll find out what skimmers a lot of TONMO.com members have.

I looked at Reef Central under Protein Skimmers and tried to see which ones people liked most. There are a lot of skimmers on the market (and I did this 6 months ago, or so). Euro Reef was popular = easy to adjust and maintain. Deltec was siad to be easy to adjust and maintain, The Aqua C Remora had both people who liked it and didn't like it - you'll just have to do your own research, I think. I've heard good thngs about the Turbofloater, but it's also supposed to be hard to use.

Any of the rest of you want to chime in here - what do you think about the skimmer you have?

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