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Phase 1 of moving cuttlefish

Due to a major inking event by Scrunchy, the clownfish is being drip acclimatized to live in the 55 gallon's sump and Scrunchy was released to the wilds of the 30 gallon. She promptly retreated into the rock-work, probably never to be seen again... but she did seem happier once released. The other two aren't as big and will be released once I get my next shipment of shrimp (I only have 9 shrimp left :shock: ).

Can you find Scrunchy? Give up? See next post for a hint.


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I saw Scrunchy this morning, and haven't spotted her again. The other two are still in the breeder tanks.

How do I know if they eat in the big tank? Do I just put enough shrimp in there to make sure they can find them?
Females can sometime exhibit the same behaviour. I usually drop food in at the same place. Soon they will alwys be in that spot, begging for food.

When they are young, i try to put a couple shrimps in to see if i can lure them out. If they dont come out, Ill throw a few more in to ensure that they will eventually eat.

I structured my rocks so most of the hiding places can be seen from certain angles and had a powerhead blowing across the back side of the tank, so they dont frequent those areas as much. It helps a lot in keeping track of them..
Thanks for the advice Paradox. Tonight we saw that Scrunchy had a shrimp in her tentacles, so I know at least one of them is eating. Each cuttle has her own part of the tank that they like to hang out in, so I can tell them apart (for the moment...).

My LFS agreed to take the yellow-tail damsels and the maroon clown in trade for hermit crabs! Now all I have to do is catch them...:goofysca: Then the percula clown can live in the 55 gallon until the cuttles are big enough to move...

It pays to have a good relationship with a LFS! :biggrin2:
Finally caught the camel-back shrimp tonight and moved her to the 55 gallon. Just in time, since I saw Cuddly catch a shrimp the same size as the camel-back :shock: .

The cuttles seem to be growing bigger right before my eyes, I don't know if it is being released into the big tank, or just a growth spurt, but every day they look bigger.
I got 15 hermits for the yellow tail damsels and the maroon clown. Of course, I had to take almost every piece of live rock out of the tank to catch the damsels... and I could only find two instead of three. Either he went the same way as the six-lined wrasse or he is still hiding, :shock: .

I had to laugh at the LFS guy, he was trying to catch a six-lined wrasse for someone when I got there. He was only using one net, and the tank was filled with live rock. He was not successful. Those six-lined wrasses are wily...
Ive made fishtraps with 2 litter bottles before and successfully caught a flame angel out of my reef. I had food in it, and a trap door that closed quickly if i let go a string. I had the string held by a weight on my desk, so if I happened to see the fish in the bottle, i can just let the string go.
:shock: :bugout: :goofysca: Ok, I put the percula clown in the tank (from the sump) last night... this morning I found her in the sump again... she had to jump in the overflow, travel down the pipe, wiggle through some foam, bioballs and squeeze through a slit to arrive in the sump. How did she do it? Why did she do it? Is this what happened to the other fish??? I may have to set up the video camera...
I was watching the giant squid special on the Discovery Channel tonight when I ran downstairs during a commercial break. Scrunchy was putting on the most amazing display of colors and textures. Unfortunately most of the pictures turned out blurry.


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