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Phase 1 of moving cuttlefish

Sep 16, 2005
Pittsburgh, PA

Scrunchy is getting too big for her net breeder, so I am going to have to do some "musical fish tanks." I caught the percula clown (Creamsicle), the cleaner shrimp (Peppermint), the six-lined wrasse (Seashell) and am drip acclimatizing to the 55 gallon. Capture of the six-lined wrasse required removing every piece of live rock and I still had difficulty. The three breeder tanks floating at the top of the tank didn't make it any easier... I think the cuttlefish were laughing at my feeble attempts...

I never caught the camelback shrimp (Shrimpy), so that is sure to be a cuttle's dinner some day...

As long as the fish survive moving to the 55 gallon with the big maroon clown and the three blue damsels, I releasing the cuttles to the wilds of the 30 gallon.
Woohoo! I think in another week or two mine will be coming out of the breeder. They'll still be too small to have free reign of the entire 75, so I'm going to make a dividier out of egg-crate and fiberglass window screen, and give them a couple square feet of floor space until they're a bit bigger.


Phase 1 wasn't a complete success... The cleaner shrimp went in first, and promptly hid, but at least no one picked on her. The six-lined wrasse went in next, hid, but I saw her sneaking around to pick on the blue damsels, she will be fine. The percula clownfish (about an inch long, captive bred) looked terrified and hid by the cleaner shrimp as the other clown (about 2.5 inches long) and the damsels picked on her. We went out to eat (since we STILL do not have a kitchen) and when we got back she had jumped into the overflow (or castle as my 4-year-old says). I was able to rescue her out of the overflow and put her back in the 30 gallon.

Now the clownfish is only a tiny bit bigger than my biggest cuttle. Do you think she will survive with the cuttles or should I make a divider like Dan?
I don't know about using a divider with cuttles...you are asking for the dreaded "cuttle bump of death" when they jet into it. Maybe you should just trade the clown in at your lfs for some crabs (food) ?
Somehow I don't think my daughters are going to go for giving away Creamsicle. I have thought about getting rid of the damsels and the bigger clown since they were the "mean" ones. Also, they were part of the package when I bought the 55 gallon. I will call my LFS. I may just make the divider in the 55 gallon, or let Creamsicle live in the sump/refugium...
I tosssed my Domino Damsel in the sump when he tried to be obnoxious to megas one to many times and he lived there for all of megases life span and all of Zim's before finnally passing on when i moved him back to the big tank
Weird :frown: guess he got used to no lights
I dont think a clown fish is a good idea for a tankmate for the cuttle. Clowns are pretty aggressive and territorial.

If it were me, I would try to leave the little clown in the tank with the others and let them sort things out. Ive had two clowns in a tank before of different size and they stopped fighting after a while and actually became friends. They probably just need to sort out territory.

You can also think about just adding a small tank into your system. I have 10 gallon tanks or custom plexi tanks that I am able to hook up within 5 minutes to my tank. For example, my juvenile cuttle section is on the back of my tank. An extra siphon tube from my overflow siphons water to this small tank. The small tank has an output near the top of the tank that drains to the sump. This output height determines the water level. Just be sure you are using a large size output drain, to ensure that it will not clog up. If you do not use a overflow, you can use a powerhead to pump the water out of the tank through a tube and into the external tank. Float switches can also be used to turn the pump off if the water for some reason gets to high or near overflowing in the extra tank..
Well the six-lined wrasse has disappeared from the 55 gallon, so I don't think they were able to sort things out :shock: . I lifted up every piece of live rock and couldn't even find a body (it's been missing about 2 days). I don't think I will be letting the little clownfish try to make it, I think he will have to live in the sump. I am going to call the LFS and see if I can trade the damsels for a bunch of hermits...
Originally posted by DHyslop I'm impressed! How big was the wrasse?

It was small, only about an inch long - it was the same size as the damsels. For the first half a day, it was holding its own against the damsels (and the clown that was 2x its size...) but they must of ganged up on him... I checked behind the tank to see if he jumped out, but no body. It's a mystery.
The wrasse acted more like a damsel, flitting in and out of the rocks, annoying the little clownfish, I never saw him bury in the sand in the 30 gallon. I will keep searching in the hopes of finding him...

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