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Octopus tank


Oct 10, 2007
I decided to post what my setup is for my soon to be octopus. Please give me any suggestions to make it better.

-110 gal. glass tank
-100 lbs of live rock
-20 gal. sump with wet/dry trickle filter and sponge
-10 gallon refugium with mangroves and chaeto
-Cascade canister filter w/ activated carbon
-ASM skimmer for up to 200 gal.

That sounds like most of the stuff..
Is this good? should i add anything? Take away anything?
yea im having trouble with that, i have window screen and all but i wanna make it in a way that it keeps the octo inside but if i want to take the top off its not hard
i was thinking i could make frame to connect the window screen to and then i could have latches that secure it down. That way i could un-latch it and take the screen out, and then just latch it back in.
the problem with me is that my tank has a hood over it with the back open and the lights dont have a acrylic in front of it, so the octopus could get burned by the lights if he touches it. Im thinking i can put a cover on the back and secure it with bolts. Then i could cover the lights and wires with acrylic and bolts as well. Just wondering if theres a problem with the octopus being able to get out of the water and be in the space between the water and the top off the hood but have no way to get out of it.
Here is the screens i made with frames, i got everything i needed to do it from home depot it cost me like 8$ for the material and the lil plastic tool you need to make them, i made two of them for 8$.
oh also they had dirrections on these stickers where they had the materials at that shows you how to do it, supper easy!.


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i just set the light i use to use when i had corals in the tank down on top of it, the light probly weighs 30lbs
I recently built my first octo tank and I have created a fairly clean design with plexy glass. The plexy has 1/4" holes drilled every 1 1/2" in a grid, so plenty of circulation. So far so good, and is approaching a month.
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