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Octopus minor

Quite a few of the Tonmo regulars eat octopus...we used to have recipes somewhere.

I can't stand the flavour, myself...fish tasting bubble gum. Yecch.

Unfortunately, I have no experience with that species...anyone?
I suppose a lot of what you eat depends upon what you were served as a young person. I am an animal lover but enjoy steak and pork. I love the ocean and all its critters but lobster is my favorite food and oysters on the half shell my second favorite. Shrimp, crab and calamarie come in somewhere near the top as well. It is easier to justify this position when you consider that feeding your critters requires providing similar food.
I love seafood as well and octopus and squid are some of my favs...although I don't know if i could eat a squirming one prefer mine deep-fried. If anyone has seen Oldboy thats what he eats.. good movie