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Octopus has arrived...!

Paradox;77443 said:
The first few days are usually the hardest. Acclimating and shocked octos can act very differently. Some eat instantly and some take days. Some will constantly hide and others will be out playing right away.

It finnally eating is a good sign.

In regards to your other post, I would still try to get nitrites down to 0. Lower levels may not be immedietly deadly, but can still be harmful. It would be a good idea to test the water often during this introduction period to see how the tank handles the new bioload.

Yea, thats definately a fact. Mine however hasen't shown the behavior most commonly seen by members on here for the first few days. It hasen't jetted, swam or inked at all and hasent shown any sign of shock or stress. It's just basically nuetral and very inactive by now. It sits still wherever it is and lets crabs walk on it without any reaction. Mabye it sometimes sleeps which octo's do. Tomarrow the Nitrite should be down completely and hopefully I should see better behavior.

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