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What tempature should a bimac be at for the longest life, also ideas for enrichment?


Aug 19, 2022
Chiller is set at 72° due to chocolate chip starfish but my bimac "Zion doesnt seem to mind. He seems to be getting bord of some of the toys. Got him from this website shout out to tom!. Very interactive but I times I feel like he is almost aggressive? Will be posting feeding and pictures I took with my GoPro soon
I keep my water at 65. 72 is too warm and will cause the lifecycle to speed up. If this is a tank for the bimac I would lower water temp. If its the tank is meant for the starfish then I would remove the octo.
I caught a baby bimac (about two tablespoons in size/volume) and kept it for two an a half years. I kept it between 55 and 65 degrees, usually closer to 55, and fed it minimally. I was also keeping Corynactis Californica which doesn’t occur above 50 feet, so I thought it would do better cold.
The low temp slows everything down, which allowed for minimal feeding, and, I think that extended her life. The trade-off was that she was less active.

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