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Octopus Decision!!!

Jan 22, 2008
hey guys, well im new to cephalapods and im setting up a tank for an octopus, i have several different seized tanks, i have a 20, a 55, and 90 but im not sure what species to get, i coulddnt decide between a vulgaris, a bimac, or some species of dwarf. well also im a first timer so im not sure which one would be the easiest to care for, any help or advice would mean alot seriously:bugout:
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From your menu of options, a bimac in the 55 or 90 is probably really the best choice. The 20 is too small for any octo, and dwarf species tend to be shy, short-lived, and nocturnal. A vulgaris could get too big even for the 90. Another thing to consider, though, is that it's hard to know what you'll get... most people who have ordered bimacs recently have ended up with aculeatus or hummelincki instead, which is fine, really, but make sure to be flexible. If you haven't already, make sure to read the ceph care articles under the ARTICLES button at the top of the page, which give most of the basic info.
thanks i already know its kinda a 50 50 chance of getting a bimac, but thanks a really didnt want a dwarf anyways but i just wanted to know what was best and also ive read alot of articles and stuff but i was also wondering about the personality of a bimac, if there friendlier or if there really shy?
bimacs tend to be among the most outgoing and interactive octopuses... but many people have also seen a lot of "personality" from other species, like briareus, aculeatus, rubescens, GPOs, and the NZ species Jean keeps (pinoctopus, I think is one, I forget the other), and it's looking like hummelincki as well. And the one case of "unnamed octopus species #11" was pretty interactive, too.

Pretty much the dwarf species are shy and reclusive, mimics and wunderpus aren't terribly interactive, and blue rings aren't so friendly and would kill you if they bit you so they're not so good either.
GO WITH THE 90!!!!!!
it's best to use the biggest tank you have, so most species will fit. you canput a small octo in big tank, but you cant put a big octo in a small tank. even if the tank's a bit big, then the small guy will have lots of room.
as to species, i'd say the bimac's the best choice, since they're so friendly. i had a bimac named Davy Jones, and he remains the most interactive of the species i've kept.

May cephalopods be bestowed eternal glory!!

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