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? octopets still out there? read the email I got

Apr 20, 2005
I sent an email asking fish supply when they might get another shipment of captive bred bimics and hear was the reply

"Right now we are not certain when we might get these octopus in stock. The breeder said it could be weeks even months before we get them in stock. Would like for us to notify you as soon as they come in?


Tom wrote:
I was wondering when your Bimic octopus are going to be back in stock? I know since octopets shut down it has been realy difficult to find captive bred bimic octopus. If there isn't going to be anymore bimic octopus in stock is another octopus going to replace it?

I thought that octopets was out for good no longer selling octopus but it seems that they may have a come back planned?
Fishsupply has been saying this same thing since the news first hit about Octopets.

I interpret this the other way: Fishsupply either knows or cares less than we do.

Fish Supply= Sells Rare Octopus= Disgusting and Greedy=Who Cares About the Wild Animals Anyway as Long as We Make a Buck=We'll Sell You a Wild Bimac and Tell You it is Captive Bred= Someplace I'll Never Buy From.

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