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Octopets Ceph Feed

Feb 20, 2005
I'm looking to get my first octo, and was wondering about the food requirements. I'll most likely be getting him from OctoPets, and saw they had a few options under 'Ceph Feed'.

How much will my Octo eat? If I bought the OctoPet Kit, which comes with 200 clams, how long would they last me? (I have a 20 gallon refugium so I can store them separately from the display tank). What do I need to feed the clams in order to keep them healthy?

I also saw the Pod Farm. Are these amphipods worthwhile for the octo, or is it really only for raising baby octos? (Also, can you 'breed' these amphipods in the refugium, or do you always need to purchase more).

Finally, what frozen or other food do you provide? I haven't seen crayfish or other suitable foods at any local fish stores, so I'm assuming I'd have to purchase frozen from a local supermarket, etc.

Thanks in advance!