October 8th is Cephalopod Awareness Day


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May 30, 2000
Monday, October 8th is (unofficially) International Cephalopod Awareness Day. What can you do to celebrate?

- tell a friend some random things you know about cephalopods
- hug your cephalopod plushy
- meditate for 15 minutes and imagine yourself as a benthic octopus, feeling the dark, cold ocean floor with your eight independently-sensory arms... passing food up to your beak which is located under your head
- eat cheddar-filled jalopeneo poppers as a way of supporting that product, in hopes they will eclipse deep-fried calamari as the mid-grade appetizer of choice... poppers, yum!
- sculpt an octopus using the mashed potatoes (you were full from the poppers anyhow)
- making octopus-shaped pancakes for breakfast (this is being done, see thread below)

Unofficial ICAD Website -- but official to you and me!

Original discussion on TONMO.com
It's a great idea to continue with Ceph Awareness Day every year. Yes, it needs to be publicized more in advance. Maybe activities associated with it (best poster, best decorated octopus cake, etc. ), and some serious things, too.

Thales;102913 said:
Yes! More notice would be great!

Well, Bob the Kraken did bring it up back in March. :tongue:

But you are right, I wish I had posted a reminder earlier to give folks more of a chance to compose their posts and participate.

BTW, I am collecting as many ICAD entries as I can over here. Anyone have a favorite so far?

Ones that I especially like so far are
"octopus" is Greek-based; not Latin. ergo, the "official" plural from the root should actually be "octopuses" (just to say i think both are just as good)
Let the Squidmas Season begin!

Today is the 2nd annual Cephalopod Appreciation and Awareness Day. I've posted somethings you can do today to mark the occasion over at cephalopodcast.com/octopusday. If you write anything about cephalopods today, let me know.

It also marks the beginning of the Squidmas Shopping Season. Why not get your special squamous someone something special?


(UPDATE: fixed graphic to correct date)

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