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May 30, 2000
News Archive (Year 2001)
December 20, 2001
ABCNews.com has issued a report also seen in the magazine Science with regard to the discovery of a new, mysterious squid found at the deep ocean depths. Unlike most squid, this species has enormous fins that it flaps to propel itself. It has 10 long, stringy arms which help account for its 20-foot length. The video which is available on this article page is an absolute must-see for all TONMO.com visitors.

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December 6, 2001
ABCNews Online issued an article that feeds off a report that came out in the late summer about the amazing ability of an octopus' arms to "think" independently.

November 10, 2001
AUSTRALIA: According to an article published by ABC News in Australia, a packet of seafood sold at a supermarket contained blue-ringed octopus. Yipes! As the good folks of Australia know, the blue-ringed octopus carries a deadly venom.

October 28, 2001
OXNARD, CA. -- A squid plant in California was fined $27,500 for violating Fish and Game Department regulations, including purchasing squid without a license. Busted!

October 10, 2001
RICHMOND, Va. -- On Monday 10/8 there was an under-reported tragedy near Belize, where 15 members of the Richmond Dive Club were killed when their boat capsized during the height of Hurricane Iris. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. You may make a donation to their memorial fund.

October 5, 2001
A Washington Post article titled Getting a Grip on the Pacific Giant Octopus introduces us to Sunny, a GPO who lives in the National Zoo's Invertebrate House. The article includes some worthy octopus facts, and suggests that perhaps the octopus might be more intelligent than a house cat.

October 2, 2001
SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- The folks at 8Legged Entertainment have issued a press release announcing the latest installment of their Clicktoon series, Deep Fried, Live!, featuring Tako the Octopus. [Editor's note: Deep Fried, Live! is now syndicated on TONMO.com.]

September 7, 2001
WASHINGTON - An article (by Will Dunham of Reuters) titled "Octopus Parcels Out Brain Power in Remarkable Way" concentrates on a new Science journal publication by Israeli scientists that focuses on the amazing ability of the octopus to delegate certain brain functions (such as sensory interpretation) to each of its eight arms, to the extent that the arms themselves are essentially contained neurological entities. (Editor's note: Although the journal article treats this as a new discovery, I suspect that this is rather a more detailed look at the neurological conditions that allow such behavior. I say this only because I've read about (and referenced) this ability in the past.)

Also Note: BBC News Online's Ivan Noble printed a similar article on this subject on September 6 in a piece titled Octopus arms do the thinking.

Finally, please note that the Science journal can be found online at (subscription required).

August 28, 2001
The incredible mimic octopus is observed in an article by Emma Young appearing in New Scientist.com. Among other things, the author observes that the mimic octopus tends to emulate only poisonous creatures, such as sea snakes and flatfish. This article features a few impressive photos, especially that of a mimic octopus portraying a lionfish.

August 7, 2001
WASHINGTON -- According to the Washington Post, a new play opening in Washington called "The Muckle Man" features a giant squid named Sigmund as a central figure. I'm totally serious. Listen -- I don't make the news, I just report it. Anyhow, reknowned [url=http://www.tonmo.com/architeuthis.php]Architeuthis
expert Clyde Roper provided insight in support of the production.

July 25, 2001
FROM LA TIMES -- Cindy Dorn, food writer for the Culniary SOS section of the LA Times, responds to a reader query regarding a tangy Korean recipe for pancakes -- squid style.

July 25, 2001
HOLLYWOOD, CA -- As you may know, Titanic director James Cameron had planned to team with Jean-Michel Cousteau to make a high-tech deep-sea documentary for ABC and Imax. In that program they hoped to further explore the Titanic and Bismark underwater grave sites, and they also aspired to make some observations on deep sea life, including (they hope) a first-ever filming a living giant squid (Architeuthis) using high-definition filming equimentment. According to an article by Army Archerd, they've now decided to split the missions into two separate projects because of financial limitations -- the Titanic/Bismark search comes first.

July 6, 2001
SAN DIEGO, CA -- In a drug-related court case ruling, a federal judge ordered nine tons of squid and 13 tons of cocaine to be destroyed, saying that the so-called evidence would not be needed in order to render a verdict. (Preservation of the squid and cocaine was costing nearly $100,000 per month). In April, the cocaine was found on a boat off San Diego, along with the squid. The defense is arguing that the squid was evidence that the boat's owners were fishing, not smuggling. Yeah, OK fellas. Sure thing. Was the cocaine your bait?

June 19, 2001
USATODAY -- What animal has the biggest eye in the world? We all know the answer is Architeuthis, but science correspondent April Holladay answers the question in interesting fashion in USATODAY. A graph in the article shows how the Giant Squid's eye stacks up against the others, including the all-time winner, the now-extinct sea reptile Temnodontosaurs platyodon.

June 18, 2001
SUNNYVALE, CA -- For the Web surfer in all of us, there's a new online Flash series about an octopus who cooks. 8Legged Entertainment issued a press release about a new Web show titled "Deep Fried Live" with Tako the Octopus. I watched a few episodes myself, looks great.

June 2, 2001
ANCHORAGE -- It seems two Moroteuthis robusta (Pacific Giant Squid) washed ashore (deceased) in Alaska a couple weeks ago. The Alaska Sealife Center therefore opened an exhibit to share their findings and demonstrate a dissection.

May 23, 2001
NEW ZEALAND -- This week a truck crashed on a coastal highway in New Zealand and dumped 18 tons of rat poison into the sea. Although the article does not specifically mention squid or octopus (but does mention whales, dolphin and seals), New Zealand is notorious for its population of Architeuthis. Unfortunately there is no operation which can be performed to extract the poison from the sea.

May 15, 2001
LOS ANGELES -- The LA Times web site published an article to promote the web site for the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, which has recently adopted a keen interest in squid.

May 9, 2001
BUENOS AIRES -- Angry at Japanese fishing firms, Argentine demonstrators threw squid at the Japanese Embassy in protest of their failure to employ Argentines as stipulated by Article 40 in the nation's fishing law. Apparently these Japanese fisheries are taking 140,000 metric tons of squid out of Argentine waters. With Argentina's unemployment rate at 14 percent, protesters feel the related employment laws should be enforced.

May 1, 2001
SAN FRANCISCO -- The California State Department of Fish and Game has put forth a number of propositions to protect squid populations and ensure the long-term health of the Montery Bay squid industry. The recommendations suggest that a limit be set on the number of squid caught per year, and that squid fishing be banned entirely on weekends. It also proposes that the number of available squid fishing licenses be reduced. Sounds like everyone's a winner on this move.

April 14, 2001
DETRIOT -- A baseball fan threw an octopus onto the field at the end of the 6th inning of the Detroit Tigers vs. Cleveland Indians game. It was done to show support for the Detroit Red Wings NHL Hockey team, who were embattled in a playoff game nearby. Red Wings fans have been throwing octopuses on the ice for years -- the tradition spawned in the 1950's when they needed to win 8 playoff games to win the Stanley Cup. Anyway, this is the first report (so far as I know) of an octopus being thrown onto a baseball field.

April 4, 2001
Gloucester, MA: Fishermen are developing a new net that will catch more squid and less scup, according to an article published on this day. Good for them! More money in their pockets. I'm a big fan of efficiency.

April 2, 2001
KNOXVILLE, TN -- Thanks to the Internet, high school students in Tennessee have the chance to be at the front line of a deep-sea research expedition in the Indian Ocean that hopes to discover a living giant squid. Basically, they'll be sending questions to the crew of scientists and will be getting immediate feedback on their findings and discoveries. The main objective of the voyage is to observe the biological effects of deep sea volcanoes, but the kids are hoping they'll catch a monster.

March 29, 2001
OSHIMA VILLAGE, Japan: There is growing concern among both scientists and fishermen that life in the Sea of Japan is dwindling. Some are attributing this to global warming -- the author of this article is one of those people.

March 19, 2001
WASHINGTON: Japanese Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori and President George Bush discussed Japan and U.S. economics over a pasta dish which featured a squid broth.

March 15, 2001
PRESS RELEASE/Santa Barbara, CA: The California fishing industry is seeing hard times. Despite the appeals of many fishermen, the California Seafood Council (CSC) is closing shop, according to a press release. However, the award winning Web site (www.ca-seafood.org) will remain live and continue to be maintained.

March 9, 2001
PRESS RELEASE/Miama Beach, FLA: According to a press release published on this day, you too can own a piece of Fontainebleau, which features a 7,000 square foot octopus which shoots water from its tentacles, onto patrons of the pool at The Tower Residences.

February 27, 2001
SYDNEY: Marine scientists announce that they are embarking on a $1 billion effort to record all life in Earth's oceans by way of an underwater census.

February 10, 2001
MELBOURNE, Australia: an excellent specimen of Architeuthis (giant squid) was caught in a trawler's net off the southwest coast of Australia on this day. Inside its stomach were some fish remains and smaller squid.

February 8, 2001
Press Release: Seattle Aquarium Seeks Divers to Help Count Giant Pacific Octopuses in Puget Sound -- It's time for the 2nd annual daylong survey of Giant Pacific Octopuses off of Whidbey Island. Last year, 114 divers spotted 18 octopuses (4 of which were mothers guarding their eggs). Hopefully I'll be able to get this year's results and relay them to you here on TONMO.com.

January 19, 2001
LONDON: Be careful what you say. On this day, Chef Marco Pierre White won a libel suit against a fellow chef who claimed his squid ink dishes were made with real ink.

January 17, 2001
BOSTON: As previously reported on TONMO.com (see article below), the owner of a fish processing plant filed false documents regarding the amount of fish one of his vessels had caught. He plead guilty last year, and now he has been sentenced. He exaggerated the figures so he could obtain a permit from the National Marine Fisheries allowing him to commercially fish for certain species, such as loligo squid. He was given a $10,000 fine and two years' probation, and ordered to wear an electronic monitoring device during that period.

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