[Featured]: Jean Baptiste Vérany’s Chromolithographs of Cephalopods (1851)

Feb 24, 2004
Octopus vulgaris.jpg
Jean Baptiste Vérany’s Chromolithographs of Cephalopods (1851)
There was a post today that had these wonderful images from the mid 19th century and in color... well worth the look...
A few observations...
  • Victor Hugo’s 1866 novel Les Travailleurs de la mer featured an ink drawing by Hugo that was copied from Vérany’s Octopus macropus. (While Vérany debunked the myths of the octopus’ monstrous nature, calling it “incapable of harm”, Hugo’s ferocious beast fueled the modern terror of tentacles.)
  • The entire book is available for download here: ptie.1 (1851) - Mollusques méditeranéens [!] - Biodiversity Heritage Library

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