international ceph day

so it's settled

october 8th shall be international ceph day.

all opposed say "squid":histio: and all who are for it say "octopus":octorun:

you have untill monday evening to reply
so it's official... kinda.... october 8th shall hence forth be known international ceph day. thank a ceph for all they have done and all the etertainment they have provided. do something nice for your ceph. buy him a new toy or something. :octorun: :octopus2: :cuttle: :earlyammo :histio: :cuttlehi: :mrgreen:
Captain Squidface;91278 said:
My family has been celebrating 8 Aug as Octopus Day for the
past few years. It usually involves making octopus-shaped
pancakes for breakfast. I suppose that 10 Oct could be Squid Day.
As a bonus it would nearly coincide with Thanksgiving (in Canada
at least), when we give thanks for aout cephalopod friends.


no we should make feburary 8th squid day, cause squids have 8 tentacles and 2 arms. or october 2nd, but i wanna space it out.
I'd vote for January 13th, but it's too late to vote now. I also know of an interesting haiku, but it's not fit for In fact, it's not fit for anywhere. Gross.

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