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50g Breeder and first attempt at keeping a ceph

I ended up buying a 90 degree peice of steel (simpson strongtie) and using jb weld 2 part epoxy to chemically weld it on the corner. I feel like its even stronger now then it was before.

Im about to build my sump but am looking for a few ideas. The sump is also a 50g breeder and so far I plan on having the following sections

1. Drain from 2 overflow lines into filter sock AND the first section will also house the skimmer.

2. Refugium most likely 16x18 inches with a deep sand bed and a macro on top of it. This will also house the cephs live food and the light will be mounted to stand above it.

3. several baffles of bubble traps then return section

Above the sump and mounted to my stand will be a BRS carbon reactor. Is there anything else you guys feel I should consider before I start siliconing my 12x18 baffles? Anything at all you think I may want in the future that the sump will have to house? Thanks again for any input
I am working from my Playbook so if I have mentioned this already credit the oversight to technology :wink2:. One thing you might consider to eliminate micro bubbles is placing a small filter sock at the skimmer outlet. I have found this to completely stop micro bubbles from returning to the tank.

Also, be sure to leak check the tank to be sure you don't have an unseen breach in the seam
I didnt put any baffles in because I wanted to hear from everyone first. Bubble traps can take up alot of real estate and I hate having to use them. If you feel a custom made sock can completely elimante the need for these traps then that would be awesome. In fact I have all the materials on hand to do so. Since I dont have the skimmer yet I will wait to make one. This is really good news as now I will have even more room to play with. Thanks D !!!

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