Danna Joy Staaf (Danna)

Sep 28, 2010
Danna - Danna Joy Staaf

Octopuses: Not Aliens, Still Awsome | True Origins of Cephalopods

2018 UC Santa Barbara College of Creaqtive Studies Commencement
(Danna's talk starts at 982)

2018 Ink & Mirrors: A Cuttlefish Comic Sneak Preview on her Cephalopodiatrist Blog

2018 Humane studies of octopuses get a boost Science Magazine April 6 2018 Danna Staaf
Danna shares information about the work of fellow TONMOer, @robyn.

2018 Bearing Arms: The Amazing world of the Octopus Podcast with Danna Staaf, Sy Montgomery, Kelley Voss

2017 Squid Empire: The Rise and Fall of the Cephalopods Danna Staaf

How Do Squid Make Huge Egg Masses

2015 Vampire Squid And The Evolution of Cephalopod Sex Squid A Day Blog Danna continues with more information on the finding that "Vampire squid are the first coleoid cephalopod to demonstrate true iteroparity."

Read more: Vampire Squid And The Evolution Of Cephalopod Sex

2015 Why Poop-Eating Vampire Squid Make Patient Parents KQEd Science Danna Discusses the newly discovered many year egg production of Vampire Squid.

2014 Lady Squid Parts Things We Don't Know (blog) Explaining the open questions of science. Guest Blogger Danna Staff

2014 Aperture effects in squid jet propulsion Danna J. Staaf, William F. Gilly, Mark W. Denny

Calamari Steaks vs Rings The Life and times of California’s squids
Ocean Bights Winter 2013 Volume 4, Number 2 Danna Staaf, Ph.D.

Staaf, D.J., Redfern, J.V., Gilly, W.F., Watson, W., Ballance, L.T., 2013. Distribution of ommastrephid paralarvae in the eastern tropical Pacific.Fishery Bulletin 111: 78-89.

Making Squid Babies: Investigations of an Invertebrate Invasion Nerd Nite SF (2012)

Squid Spermatophore Minitalk Nerd Nite SF 6/20/2012

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