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octo tank connected to larger reef


Pygmy Octopus
Nov 21, 2004
I was thinking of plumbing a 55 gal tank for an octopus (bimac from Octopets) to my existing 90 gallon reef tank by sharing the 60 gallon sump. That way I would have a very stable water supply (the reef has been up for years) and would have less maintanence.

Will the temp be a problem (I keep the reef at 77F)? Are there other concerns I should be aware of?

Thanks in advance
Welcome to Tonmo!
77 is at the upper end of the heat index for bimacs, but they seem to be ok up to 78 or so, you should be safe.
Interesting tank setup...if possible, send us some pics...personally, I think it is a great idea !
The higher temperature raises the octopus's metabolism and usually results in a shorter lifespan. You might be able to rig up a fan on the tank, but it's hard to do that and make it escape proof. I used a fan on the sump and it lowered the temperature several degrees.

I thought about doing that as well,
however, I was worried the octo may smell the fish and shrimp
and spend all day trying to get into the reef

just a thought, and I may just be paranoid
Your idea should work great. The added water volume is great for stability. My bimac lasted about 10 months in a very similar set up, with smaller tanks. I had cheap clip-on fans in the stand blowing over the top of my sump, it helped keep the temp about 75-76.

Here's a pic that show the 40 and the end of the 55 that it was plumbed with.

Squishy was a bimac. After he died, we knew we were going to move within a few months, so we've held off on ordering another one. We upgraded the 55 to a 75, and I'm in the process of making canopies for both tanks that will hold the upgraded lighting. Once I've had the lighting on the tanks for a month or so and I know that everything is stable I'll order another one.

Here's a few pics of the current setup.


I used to have a purple one as well that was just as big. I lost it when I moved. I'm hoping to find another one, but I haven't seen one with a lime green mouth for quite some time. They're showing up more in the stores lately so I'll just keep my fingers crossed.

Hi Brian

ever had any bother with them stinging or catching fish/shrimps?

I have never kept one but would like too
Colin said:
Hi Brian

ever had any bother with them stinging or catching fish/shrimps?

I have never kept one but would like too

I never kept shrimp in the same tank with them. The purple one was actually in the octo tank when I had the tanks set up before squishy died.
I got the pink one about 2 months before the move and when we moved I put it in my small predator tank. Shrimp wouldn't have made it long in either tank. 8)

I've had a damsel, a lawnmower blenny, and now a blue-spot puffer, and dwarf lionfish in with it without any problems. Judging from how they grab feeder shimp when I feed the predator tank I'd say it's a strong possibility that you'd lose small fish or shrimp if they blundered into it.

Scouse said:
Now that is a seriously cool set-up.

But with the octo in mind its a bit like havin a fat kid at the window of a closed cake shop :lol: :lol: :lol:


Squishy never really seemed all that interested in the other tank. I actually figured that since several fish hung out in the rockwork nearest his tank that he would, but he never did. I had a lawnmower blenny in with him the whole time, and every once in awhile he'd chase it around a bit, but it was generally pretty haf-hearted attempts. I think he was just well-fed enough to be pretty lazy. :)


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