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Octo ID


Feb 27, 2003
I am new here, Hello everyone! I got my little octo from the LFS yesterday and they told me it was a common brown octo. It is small around 4" in diam. and has the blue spots under its eyes. I think it might be a bimac? but I have seen so many diff. kinds. Can anyone help me ID this little guy? :?
Hi and welcome to TONMO.com :smile:

Sounds like a bimac to me too. Best idea is if you can post a pic.

As you probably know... LFSs dont alwatys know what specie sthey are selling.

hope you enjoy your new friend!

sorry i do not have a camera yet to take pics but i agree on the Bimac. I am new to octo's and would appr. any site than can give me more info on care,size, etc.
Hi Dbbga,

You'll find a lot of good octo information here on this website. Have a look on the Home Page under Site Contents - a number of articles are listed under Ceph Care. Also, if you read the various threads under Ceph Care on the Message Board, you'll find many topics covered, such as setting up an aquarium, care, and feeding.

As for bimac size, a full grown bimaculoides (bimac) has a body of up to 5" and arms almost 14" in length.

Many of our TONMO.com community members are new to octos when they first start posting on this Message Board. We'll be glad to try to help.

All the best,
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