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octo for 95 gallon

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Remember that octopuses like to jet around - a 95 gallon isn't too big for an adult bimac or a briareus. The briareus has a smaller body but longer arms.

O. vulgaris might be the next step up, but I'm not sure a 95 gallon would give it enough room. Body is around 8 inches, arms over 30 inches (and they stretch further!). So, it would have a 60 inch armspread.

So, lots to consider!

Only drawback i have seen with briareus is that they can be much more secretive than bimaculoides...

Welcome to TONMO.com Connor
A bimac can still grow mighty large if fed a great deal. Fishsupply's page says they can grow up to a 24" armspan. I don't know how large the typical pet bimac gets, though.

They can get quite large. THe first year I began tracking bimacs (2003-4), I recorded three large bimacs. One was my own, Ollie. I didn't expect her to grow so large, but she weighed more than three pounds at the time she died (I had kept her about 10 months).

It was difficult to measure the length of her arms because she could stretch them out so far, but she could sit in the middle of the tank on the bottom and touch the far corners of the top.

You can get an idea from the pic how big she was - that's my hand.


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