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octo escap'e

make sure you cover all holes where equipment leaves/enters the tank.

Use a tight fitting lid with no gaps and maybe even a weight on top of the feeding hatch or use dact tape to hold it shut.

Bimacs are not so prone to escapology as other species
But don't get complacent just because bimacs aren't prone to escape. If you plan to use weights to secure lids, know that octopuses are very strong. :wink:
tie its arms behind its back

(these are those useless posts i mentioned before eh?)
You could always use a piece of copper pipe for the hiding place...that should keep it from escaping!
Realistically, I use nylon screen mesh glued over eggcrate (most lfs will make this for you) held down with clips...no weights necessary, and easy to get in and out of (for you, not the octo)
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