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next octo


Apr 24, 2006
im gonna get another tank for my room maybe like a 125 gal and i want to get a bigger octo then my bimac i have now cause hes 4 months old now and hasnt really grown...... i want one that will be the size of the one in the "squirt" video we have in the video gallery..... what kind is that??? my bimac's mantle is maybe the size of a golf ball with about 6-8 inch arms
btw i didnt mean for that thread above ^ to sound like i didnt want my bimac anymore cause hes awesome and i def would NEVER think about not havin him....
A Bimac will get to around 2ft arm length. If you want something bigger your best bet would be a O.vulgaris they get bigger and live longer. I'm not sure what the one in the video is but if you want bigger vulgaris would probably be the easiest large octopus to get.

well do u have any idea why my octo isnt really growing????? maybe im just a retard and hes still young
Are you offering live crabs, shrimp, clams ext. and are you mixing it up? such as crabs on week, shrimp the next type thing. thats what I offer and mine has trippled its size in the last few months.

Are you sure it's a bimac? I've never had a bimac, so I'm not really sure how fast they grow, but I know their arms get to about 20 in. or more. Where did you get him?

i feed him frozen shrimp ALOT but every few weeks ill give him fiddlers....im gonna start feeding him different things each week..... what do u guys suggest??
Other species besides bimacs have blue eyespots. I would think if it were a bimac you would have noticed some growth. Do you know where it was collected?

no i do not know where he was collected but if u give me some characteristics of a bimac i could tell u if he was one...... also.... is there a place online where i can buy cheap fiddler crabs??
thanks for that site im gonna order 10 fiddlers tomorrow!!!!!!!!! ill buy them every 2 weeks think that will be a good diet mixed with frozen shrimp once a day ..... id do 1 fiddler and 1 shrimp every day
heres the best pic i can get cause my mom lives in another house and she took our camera and hasnt given it back so i had to use the ole phone..... i luv taken pics of him cause he really seams to like the camera and comes close to me no matter where i move around the tank to see..... hes a very active octo and luvs chasi my 4 stripe damsel i have and they get along great ..... they even share the same cave!!!

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