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Got my octopus, am I in the clear

Aug 22, 2019
Hey everyone, successfully got a 7 tentacled brown octo in yesterday, he was running laps around the tank for about 3 hours, after I put him in, chased a clown fish around and then finally went into a small hole and removed all the sand and now has a den, later that night he came out ran back and fourth against the glass and finally went back in and hasnt came out since. I went to the store bought a clean up crew and dropped them in the tank and before they even landed he grabbed one still being in the den and that was that. these herms were almost the same size as he is. now he has come out a little bit but still is hiding, is this normal? is it a good sign thats hes already eating? Thanks everyone


Staff member
Sep 4, 2006
Eating is always a good sign but hyper-activity, not so much. IME, it takes a full two weeks to breath comfortably (ie feel that an octopus has fully survived transport) then another 2 weeks to begin to determine personality. Often an octo will appear "friendly" when first placed in a tank but then become very reclusive. Additionally, a very young octo is often a total recluse until about 5 months of age (ie around sexual maturity or when it is big enough to be predator vs prey).

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