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My friends dwarf octo laid fertile eggs! Video inside with babies in them!!


Aug 28, 2017
EDIT: ok forgot a few things now that the initial excitement wore off... he got the mom from salty bottom and found out from them that it is a joubini but if any experts here think differently, please let me know! I can get pics of her if the video doesn’t help :smile: I’m totally excited to raise some if they survive the first few days. I’ll set up a breeder net or two in my biocube (has been my longest running tank now... I wanna say 6ish years?) and can buy them tiny pods if needed until they’re big enough for either regular pods or frozen mysis. I found this thread: Raising Octopus Hatchlings Links so I will be reading up on all of it!

They are so adorable! He promised me one so I can’t wait!!! But I just started thinking if hatchlings can coexist in a big enough tank, OMG 😂 I’ll take three!!!!!!!

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