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New Little Bimac

Feb 19, 2003
Hi All... I set up my octopus tank awhile ago, and just yesterday after the tank was completely mature, I brought home Gidget, my new tiny little Bimac. 6 of the legs look pretty short compared to the others, almost like as if they were cut off. But from what I've read about cephalopod vitality, that shouldn't be too much of a problem. It's really small, about 4 inches long arm to long arm, and all alone in its 37 gallon with oversized wet-dry and oversized skimmer. As soon as I acclimated her, she crawled up onto my hand and I put her in the tank. After lingering for a bit, she shot off, landed on a big piece of live rock, chaged to the same color and pattern as the live rock, crawled into a hole, and I haven't seen her since. I have a large about of live rock in the tank, some really big pieces that make a cave and a lot of smaller ones for Gidge to decorate herself. All of the small pieces are scattered on the bottom so she won't go dropping one on herself.

It's been along while since I saw her and I put a little clam in the water to see if it would lure her out, but I haven't seen any movement at all, not since I dropped her in there. She wasn't white or anything then. Is there anything I should do? Or just get used to having an empty looking tank?
Congrats on your new bimac, AMK!
She's probably getting used to her new envoirnment and might start exploring the tank soon, give her some time. They might not eat on the first day too. Good luck with her, and get some pictures! :D
Congrats!!! She will hide at first. I find they are always watching even if we don't think they are!! Looking forward to pictures!! Don't panic if you only get fleeting glimpses of her too!

Congratulations on your new bimac Gidget!

As Carol says, it's normal for them to hide at first - and hard on their owners, who want very much to see them!

Did you get her from your local fish store?

Here's a very poor picture of the tank... I'm not very good at digital photography.


As soon as I see her out, I'll post a picture.

Yes, I ordered her through my lfs. Someone there knows people who can get me a captive bred one, so I know that this one is around 3-4 weeks old.
Hi AMK, I went and looked at your OCTO thing, and saw your salinity was only 1.021. Octos need 1.025 to 1.028 to survive so I recommend raising the salinity, but don't do it all at once. Also, 64 degrees may be a litttle low for a bimac, but she might be ok.
Nice pic. :D 3-4 weeks :shock: thats really young, enjoy her! :)
Nick's right about the salinity, and also right to raise it gradually.

Most of us keep our bimacs at room temperature, so that's why the water is in the seventies. A bimac should be OK at 64 degrees, but you might find interaction easier if it's slightly higher. Are you using a chiller?

Nice first pic!

Nice Tank! The other thing is if your tank is well lit, you may want to shut off your flash so you don't freak him with it! Mine lost their fear of the camera after I stopped blinding them :oops: !!

i find that the tank's own lights are normally enough with a digital camera with no flash :)
How should I raise the salinity gradually?

I'm not using a chiller, I'm actually using a heater. I thought bimacs like the mid sixties. the house is kept at 60 degrees.
As you do water changes with a higher salinity than in your tank it will increase. Just do not do it too drastically with one change. IMO, do a 10% h2o change at 1.028 salinity. Check your params and repeat agaian at your regulare weekly water changes until you get to your desired result.

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