New Jetta Pics

I notice that Jetta looks quite comfortable in her new home!
Nice pics...I'd like to see more when she's blue green, but that must be difficult to photograph.

Collin, yes i hand fed her but the trust level is just not there. She rarely comes out of the "den" and when i dismantled it to get these pics she got REALLY MAD. Since these were taken she has rebuilt it and now all i can see is a tent. or two. she has become reculsive :? She does take the pcs of scallop i give her, what she does with them, i dont know :roll:

Joel and Nancy, I have tried so hard to get pics of her at night but they really dont come out :? I have to have a flashlight on her and take the pics without the flash, its jsut hard to get her to cooperate :wink:

Here is a pic of her with a beer bottle in front of the tank for size :P

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