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New here and like Octopus


Dec 30, 2007
Helllo Im new here but i have enjoyed reading about Octopus. I learn something everytime i browse. So that you for all of the infomation.

I dont have a Octopus but i like them so much that i am naming my company after them.
Tako Tuneing is the name of my company. If someone knows where i can get some one to draw me up a logo that would be great.

On a different note i live in Japan and i was thinking of a Pet Octopus, I have read alot and they seem to be very hard to take care of. But i was wondering if there is anything special that i could do in Japan to get one.
Now i know they are all over the place here. There is more Octo than beef at the supermarket. Its sad but it has given me a chance to look at them up close everytime we go shopping.I dont eat them so please dont go crazy.
Anyway any advise would be great. I hope to learn more.
Thanks in advance
Welcome to TONMO. I've had octo sashimi, it's quite bland! I don't think we have any other members from Japan, but if you have access to any beaches/harbor areas you might ask some divers/fishermen if they can capture you one. Just a suggestion.
i have been reading the articles section and it looks like im not ready for a Octo right now. But i think i will slowly get what i need to keep one alive as a pet.
I like that they are very smart and really just seem amazing.
It is a little strange as here in Japan Octo`s are reguarded as silly. And thought as not that smart. There are even insults to call people like Octopus brain,and other strange insults.
Im not Japanese but my Family is and my sons love to eat Takoaki. Basically a pancake ball with Octo inside.Really a different culture.

Are there any books that might have the different types of Octopus in them?
The Octo i see here are usally redish purple or clear. Im a little worried if i get one that it will be a 30 foot monster one day.:lol:
Thanks to everyone for posting on this site its nice to be able to find this huge amount of information in one spot.

:welcome: If you're worried about the size, try looking for a pygmy there's only 4 different types (I think) but I'm not sure if their available in Japan.
:welcome: to TONMO!

Japan has an interesting relationship with cephalopods... there is quite a bit of good research on them coming out of Japanese universities, and I'm not sure how much of that is driven by the food interest as opposed to their cultural prominence. Anyway, we probably won't have too much experience with Japan's local ceph species as pets, but a lot of the biology experts are in touch with their colleagues in Japan and many have visited there, so we stand a good chance of IDing any local animals you find. Maybe some of the biologists can recommend universities or public aquariums near you where you could fine more information about the requirements of the local octos, too.

what does "Tako Tuneing" do? Tune pianos? Karaoke?

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