New Egor Video

Nice video of Egor! He certainly takes the long way around to get to the Lego (looked like he stopped for a snack of amphipods along the way!)

Throw in some crashing surf, a few miniature men with harpoons...and viola !!! 20K under the Sea !
Neat stuff.
another fun video... Egor seems very circumspect... I was noticing he's not on the "list of octopuses" yet... I wanted to see if he was briarius or something else...
O. Briarius. He is sooo engaging! He has me, my daughtor and both my sons wrapped right around his 8 legs! He's being fed very well. Everytime I come home or enter the livingroom I hear "Oh, by the way, I just fed Egor!". Jess has this whole thing she does with a teaspoon. We still have fiddler crabs from a month or more ago, and these apparently are very easy for her to manuver on a spoon and carry to the tank to drop in. I need to move him to the larger tank this weekend but everyone loves having him in the livingroom. They are deffinately different than the Bimacs being it took him a month of observing us before he finally realized we were friend not foe and he seems to really enjoy being observed. Not that the bimacs didn't but because this was much more of a patience thing and letting him get to trust that we weren't a threat! I am enjoying every moment and watching my children experience such a different creature is pure delight! Egor has this way of reducing them to being totally glued to the tank with his antics.

corw314 said:
Egor has this way of reducing them to being totally glued to the tank with his antics.

Better watching a tank than TV! Great video and great description to back the video up. If only my parents had been cool enough to have an octo when I was young...

How did I miss Egor!? He's in the List of Octopuses now - by the way, if you're not familiar with it, you'll find more than one list. It starts with the bimacs and the second list is other species - where you'll find Egor. Then there's In Memorium...


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