[Squid]: Teuthowenia pellucida


Feb 16, 2021
Hello ! I'm new

I'm student and for a school project, I'm searching informations about the Teuthowenia pellucid like :

- scientist research
- photography and videos of the squid at subadult, adult or mature stage
- drawing of the morphology, ontogeny

Thank you a lot for all informations you can share to me <3
Hello! Welcome to TONMO!

These are interesting questions and I'd be happy to help. I am not going to answer any of your questions for you however. Learning how to do your own research is an extremely beneficial skill and will help you in the future when you eventually have new questions to answer.

So, rather than giving you the info you need and sending you on your way, I'll suggest some websites and search terms to use so that you can learn yourself, and the next time you have questions to answer, you can do a bit more preliminary research rather than coming to this forum for all the answers.

I started by just typing in "Teuthowenia pellucid" into google. The first result was a Wikipedia page, as expected. Generally speaking, the information on Wikipedia is helpful but should not be cited as a primary source in your work. At the bottom of the wikipedia page however, there are usually links to the sources that the people who wrote the Wikipedia page used. That's where you want to look for primary sources.

The Wikipedia page for this squid species has 3 references, not a lot, but it's a start for our research. The two most promising links there are to the World Register of Marine Species, and to the IUCN red list. Both these sites should have information for you regarding distribution, morphology, and they may even have photos of the squids at different life stages.

I would start by checking out the World Register of Marine Species (they also have a list of primary sources they used at the bottom of the page about this species, similar to Wikipedia) and the IUCN redlist page about this species.

Once you have checked those out and you have the general knowledge you are looking for, then it would be appropriate to return to TONMO to ask more specific questions. This is a rare species of squid you are researching about and I doubt anyone here has any first-hand knowledge of the species, so the most we would be able to do to assist would be to google things right alongside you.
I’ve only ever handled it pickled, interesting species, as it’s a cranchid, so quite literally 90 degrees different in comparison to teuthoids. If you’re looking for an even more interesting angle, look into its modus operandi in mating, a rather violent affair, by human standards.

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