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My tank is ready!!!!

Jan 8, 2004
Have done a few tricks i have learned over the years, and darn if my 3 1/2 week old tank is not ready. Placed Stalin, my larger red emporer snapper, in there saturday night and so far he loves it.

He is eating all the damsels used to help cycle as instructed. What a good fish. Will still be waiting a little while to make sure no spikes. But I feel this large fish will be a great monitor and bioload enhancer before my octo is ordered.

Definitely Colin! Jim and I are working out the details, but to let you know, if you have not heard already, the only reason the ship together is to save on water weight.

I told Jim I would pay extra for them to be seperated. But good advice if someone is not aware that they could get shipped together.

Congrats Burstsovenergy! I am looking at next week so we will have babies around together. :biggrin2:

Joel any new plans for you??
Nice that more of you will be keeping bimacs, a whole new generation. So we'll be counting on lots of reports and pics!

Sounds good neptune...

a thought though, could the clams not be shipped damp? Shellfish are normally able to close the shell and hold onto water for days at a time without actually being in water? This is all species dependant I suppose, but just thinking of the way in which oysters and clams and mussells and cockles and stuff is shipped???????
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