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My name is Tanya Kennedy and I am in love with an octopus


Oct 13, 2004
Just received two bimacs today and they are just precious!!! They are very personable and curious though right now they only come out when something new happens. They first came out when I opened the box when they arrived. I was very happy to see that both were alive and seem pretty healthy. They came out again when I moved the box they were in and again when I put their bags into buckets. They even went through a few really neat color changes for me. They are so very adorable.
Are you keeping them together? I understand that pairing octopuses in a tank generally ends up with one conquering the other. I'm interested in knowing more about your setup.

Congrats on getting your bimacs!~ Where did you buy them from? I really hope they're not in the same tank, things won't be fine and dandy later on...
just a lurker here,

but congrats...

If you insist on single tank, be sure to watch for aggressive behavior and don't keep them hungry for an instant, - I have no octos but have been on this site long enough to know that's trouble. Playful wrestling it is not...

From another post:

Jean said:
NO ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! You will end up with a dead octopus! Most octis are territorial and won't tolerate a tank mate! One moth is not that long to wait for tem to settle. Be patient. The less you hassle them now the more likely you are to build up a good relationship later!


Thanks for all the responses, sorry it took me so long to write back but the computer was being a pain and wouldn't let me log in for some reason. First of all, the octos are separated by a solid divider that they cannot cross. They are fed well and seem to be happy. They are still alive (this makes me happy as my boss who is actually the one keeping them is in the Virgin Islands right now and has been since we got them) So far have had no problems with them other than the filter we ordered for thier tank is being a pain and not working. DO not worry, they have a filter, we just ordered a better one. They were purchased from the NRCC and are very well adjusted to people. After they were placed in the tank they came out to explore and have not hidden since even though they have plenty of places to hide. I got to see one play in his sand the other day but he was just teasing me and swam away soon after. I am having some issues with the smaller of the two as he will only eat everyother day. He is acting alright otherwise and will always eat the shrimp within two days, so I guess I'll just keep an eye on him.
:welcome: I have had babies and adults when they eat a particularly big meal go a day or so without. I usually feed when I see they are out hunting and plastered to the front of the glass because they know I am the Food God!!!!

Good luck with them!!!


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