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My first Octopus


Jan 12, 2004
Hi, I've kept a reef tank for two years and want to try an octopus. So far i know i need live rock with lots of caves, about a 1in sand bed and the tank and filters. Is there any octopuses that can be kept in a 10 gallon tank? Also any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Kyle :)
Hi and :welcome: to TONMO, Kyle!
There is one type of octo that may be able to live in a 10 gallon, O. joubini, but most people say that you shouldn't. I broke the rules and kept mine in a 20 gallon but we recommend a 50+ gallon aquarium. :)
As nick says.. i agree that a 10 is too small and even a 20 is pushing it ;)

yes, there are some species that would do great like joubini or mecatoris but getting one is tricky, and then getting one that is not just about to die is even harder... most are sold as mature adults and you may know that a typical natural lifespan is about 8 - 12 months at most

sorry this isnt positive but if you make the effort you'll have a rewarding experience caring for a ceph :)
I too was wandering down the path of a (captive bred) joubini or mecatoris, however, after research and all the great feedback I got here, I have set up a 55 gal tank this weekend for a bimac..

Do a little more research on what you will be undertaking, and keep in mind Colin's excelent point of lifespan and age at time of purchase.

In the end you will probably agree to go with a O. bimaculoides as well. And have to wait 3 month for your prestine environment to take. :lol:
this sounds so familiar. please look at my post for o. joubini and mates if you have not.

30 is a minimum for most of the species we are talking about. You of course can house them smaller but keep in mind the amount of waste they create.

BTW - if you come accross captive breed joubini or mecatoris please let me know. I have not had any luck.
very unlikley... they will be local caught in floirda by the looks of the species
I agree it is highly unlikely. Living in florida I am surrised that more of my lfs do not know diddly about cephs.

Maybe I should not be I had to teach half of them about corals in the first place.

Appreciate the suggestion though. Keep them comming!!!! :P

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