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my dream tank

Mar 19, 2005
is this adequate for a nautilus. i plan on buying a 4oo gal tank and the top of the line chiller from the aquarium design group and using it for some nautiluses. i heard they are easy just as long as a few care issues are taken care of. is this true and also how long will a nautilus live and how many can i put in a tank this size if i dont do nautilus the i most likely will do GPOs either way would be very interesting.
We set up a tank for a local museum a number of years ago for Nautilii (nautilusses?) and it was around that size...400 or so gallons, with a nice chiller and a rainbow-lifeguard system...they lived for about 9 months, and were a good draw for the public...they don't have the same appeal as an octo, though, in my opinion.
If Greg set this up in AZ, the spicy food probably did them in. Habanero + living fossil= fatal acid reflex nautilus. Or it could have been the tequila shots. Although, I've heard dosidicus like fish tacos!

well i have figured the price range(i will get another custom built tank from aquarium design group) the price range i am looking for on the tank alone is like 10-13000 and the animal is like 4-500$ so i am looking at spendin 14000$ on the whole setup which is a little ridiculous but hey the animal is worth it to me

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